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2018 World Tournament 

Choose from any of the 36 Nations and play through Football's unique tournament inspired by the World Cup - developed for VR. The perfect way for every football fan to run on the pitch of the worlds most loved sport. 


The worlds first FPF (first-person football game) 

A first person soccer game, played in VR where you control the running, dribbling and kicking motions with the unique agile locomotion mechanic, giving you the abilty to play a a game of football in VR

Burn Calories

VR Football s Energetic and fun, an innovative upper body workout burning calories as you play, Virtual reality is a great place to work out as you're transported to world of fun and games.



Available at launch on Playstation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Players will be able to play and chat online across all 3 major platforms

Create & join private matches 

Tackle your friends in a private match for a little friendly competition

Play Solo against the AI 

Practice your skills solo against the AI, to master the controls, learn passing sprinting and more. Or play online with friends and the AI will fill any empty slots 

Global Leaderboards 

Compete against the global leaderbaords, make friends and play toegther 

Play Online 

Football is a social game, playable online with up to 8 players. Get in defence or be a striker and play all on one team or against each other 4 v 4 and the AI are on hand to fill any empty slots 


Choose from any of the 36 VR Nations and play through Football Nations unique tournament structure; in Round One you can play any of 36 teams but only 16 teams remain,


Over half the teams are eliminated and the competition continues until the final where just two teams are left and we have an ultimate winner.    


Tournament Fixtures: 


  • Round 1 - 7th June 2018 - 36 teams compete   Lasts 3 weeks: 7th June - 28th June 2018    
  • Round 2 = 16 Teams   1 week 28th June - 5th July     
  • Quarter Finals = 8 teams   1 week 5th July - 12th July     
  • Semi Finals = 4 teams   1 week 12th - 19th July     
  • Final = 2 teams   1 day 21st July 2019    



The Team with the most points at the end of the day on 21st July is the winning team of the first VR Football Nation Tournament    

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